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Congratulations! You have made the wise decision to enhance your home's appearance and cost having a professional fresh paint job. Now comes the daunting challenge of getting a fresh paint contractor and hope that they use fired earth paints and not simply regular paints. Never fear! These 10 secrets can help you look for a GREAT fresh paint contractor who'll generate a top-quality job in an excellent cost and give you an enjoyable do it yourself experience.

1. An Excellent Fresh paint Contractor Presents Evidence of Insurance

While a great fresh paint contractor may let you know he's insured, an excellent contractor presents a duplicate of his policy, showing the quantity of coverage he carries for damage to property and bodily injuries that could derive from the contractor's work. This is unlikely to be a problem if they are dealing with broad stripe wallpaper because it isn't really very dangerous. By character, fresh paint materials are highly flammable and, should an emergency occur, you have to know your contractor is sufficiently insured.

2. An Excellent Fresh paint Contractor NEVER Requests a Deposit

While some fresh paint companies may request a first deposit prior to starting the job, well-established, effective painting professionals have adequate operating earnings and may easily manage to purchase materials making payroll. Be Skeptical of the contractor who requests a first deposit! If he's not able to buy materials, he's most likely not able to pay for his staff. Every year, a lot of home owners become a victim of companies who walk from the job - and on vacation - using the deposit within their pockets.

Should you accept advance payment of any sort, make sure materials happen to be bought and therefore are in your yard, departing you some type of leverage if the contractor default around the work. Main Point Here: GREAT painting companies NEVER request a first deposit.

3. An Excellent Fresh paint Contractor Offers Great Warranties

You will easily notice a great deal in regards to a fresh paint contractor by his warranty. Well-known companies with established reputations are respected by fresh paint providers who, consequently, spread extended - even lifetime - warranties on their offers simply because they be aware of product is going to be applied right. For a variety of reasons, less experienced companies might not have valuable associations with providers. Around the labor side, an excellent contractor works together with solid, experienced artists whose work they know he can support by having an extended labor warranty.

4. GREAT Fresh paint Companies Go the additional MileBecause GREAT companies have discovered the need for a satisfied customer, they are able to pay attention to service and provide extra supplies that demonstrates how important your company is towards the contractor. Determine in case your contractor provides the following:

Professional color consultingFREE color try-onsFREE energy washingTwo jackets of fresh paint - like a standard offering!